Distribution of Doctoral Expansion Incentive Funding for 2013-14

PDAD&C #33, 2013-14

To:  PDAD&C; All Faculty; All Sessional Instructors 
From:      Cheryl Regehr, Vice President and Provost
Date:  January 13, 2014 
Re:  Distribution of Doctoral Expansion Incentive Funding for 2013-14

Early next week, Planning & Budget will distribute $1.7M in Doctoral Expansion Incentive Funding (DEIF) to departments as a result of the graduate enrolment growth achieved in Fall 2013. As announced in PDAD&C memo #34 on February 7, 2013 (attached), DEIF funding will be provided at the rate of $5,000 for each additional BIU-eligible doctoral or first-year doctoral stream masters FTE above fall 2012 actual enrolment numbers.

This funding is welcome news as it helps our efforts to meet our graduate expansion targets and further distinguish the University of Toronto as a leading research and graduate centre in Canada and the world. Doctoral enrolment growth is vital to support our faculty by attracting the very best graduate students in a competitive environment, while also providing the planning flexibility to meet different academic needs across departments.

Although Fall 2013 results varied by department, the institution as a whole added 123 new first year doctoral stream master's spaces; in contrast we experienced a reduction of 63 doctoral spaces (including PhD, EdD, DMA, and SJD). The latter result is somewhat disappointing. However, I am encouraged by the growth in doctoral stream master's enrolment and hope that it will help units to achieve their planned doctoral enrolment growth in future years. The Ministry has responded to these results in two very positive ways:
1) by confirming funding for the master's growth in our existing plan for Fall 2014; and
2) by announcing $1.8M in new one-time funding for additional doctoral student support.

Planning & Budget will distribute the $1.8M in one-time-only top-up doctoral support funding to Deans' Offices to help units attract top tier domestic doctoral candidates for Fall 2014. These top-up funds will be distributed on the same basis as the DEIF. For multi-department Faculties, the top-up funds will flow to the division while the DEIF portion will continue to flow directly to academic departments; for single-department Faculties, both the DEIF and top-up funds will be distributed to the Dean's Office. Divisions/departments have flexibility in how these funds are deployed, as long as the monies are used for graduate student support - this can include funding packages, student space, conferences, travel, and so on.

Department-level DEIF allocations and division-level top-up funding allocations are noted in Appendix A. Planning and Budget will send details of the calculations to your Divisional Finance Officer. I hope these funds will be helpful as you proceed through the graduate admissions process over the coming months.

Appendix A: Doctoral Expansion Incentive Fund and MTCU Top-up Allocations, 2013-14