Professor Angela Hildyard – Re- Appointment as Vice-President, Human Resources and Equity

PDAD&C #31, 2013-14

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From:    Meric Gertler, President
Date: December 12, 2013
Re; Professor Angela Hildyard - Re-Appointment as Vice-President, Human Resources and Equity

I am very pleased to announce the re-appointment of Professor Angela Hildyard as Vice-President, Human Resources and Equity at the University of Toronto for a further two-year term, beginning July 1, 2014 and ending June 30, 2016. This re-appointment was approved at today's meeting of the Governing Council.

Professor Angela Hildyard was first appointed Vice-President, Human Resources in 2001. This will be her third re-appointment as Vice-President Human Resources and Equity (2008, 2011, 2014) making her the longest-serving Vice-President at the University of Toronto.

Professor Angela Hildyard has amassed a very successful track record in the Human Resources and Equity portfolio since 2001. On her watch, the University of Toronto has embraced best practices and garnered annual recognition as one of Canada's top employers including recognition for work in support of equity and diversity.

We have also enjoyed a long record of successful negotiations with our many labour relations partners. A significant number of our collective agreements are due for renegotiation in 2014-15 and Professor Hildyard will play an essential role in these important processes.

In addition to providing the necessary continuity of leadership in a critical portfolio, Professor Hildyard also brings to the vice-presidential team valuable institutional perspectives informed by her extensive experience. She is highly respected by colleagues in both central administrative portfolios and in the academic divisions

I am grateful that Professor Hildyard has generously agreed to this extension and have every confidence that the University of Toronto will be extremely well served by her continued leadership in the Human Resources and Equity portfolio.