Nominations for the Advisory Search Committee for Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

PDAD&C #14, 2013-14

To:  Faculty, Staff and Students, Faculty of Medicine
From:      Cheryl Regehr, Vice-President and Provost 
Date:  September 4, 2013
Re:  Nominations for the Advisory Search Committee for Dean of the Faculty of Medicine 
cc: President David Naylor
The Bulletin

On December 31, 2014, Professor Catharine Whiteside will complete her second term as Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Vice-Provost, Relations with Health Care Institutions.

In accordance with Section 60 of the Policy on Appointment of Academic Administrators, I am calling for nominations for the advisory committee that will advise the President on the appointment of a new Dean. The Policy mandates the potential composition of the advisory committee as follows:

• The Vice-President and Provost (Chair);
• Three to five members of the teaching staff of the Faculty;
• One to three students of the Faculty;
• The Dean of the School of Graduate Studies or representative;
• A librarian, where appropriate;
• Two or three other qualified scholars from within or outside this University, but outside the Faculty;
• In addition, the committee may include an alumnus/a, a member of the administrative staff, and a senior member of the appropriate professional community.

Nominations for the committee should be submitted by October 4, via the Vice-President and Provost's web site online form at

Questions should be directed to Assistant Provost Archana Sridhar at