Reappointment of Professor Joseph Desloges as Principal, Woodsworth College

PDAD&C #56, 2012-13

To:  Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni, Woodsworth College
Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
From:      Cheryl Misak, Vice-President and Provost


April 26, 2013 
Re:  Reappointment of Professor Joseph Desloges as Principal, Woodsworth College

I am very pleased to announce that Professor Joe Desloges has agreed to serve a second term as Principal of Woodsworth College, from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2018.

Professor Desloges has provided outstanding leadership since 2008 as the seventh principal of Woodsworth College. He has enriched the student experience on numerous fronts, including the establishment of the Woodsworth ONE program, the growth of the College's academic writing centre, enhancement of Woodsworth's important academic bridging programs, and further development of the College's summer and study abroad programs.

Prior to being named Principal, Professor Desloges served as chair of the Department of Geography and Program in Planning at the University of Toronto, and is also appointed to the Department of Earth Sciences. He received his B.E.S. from the University of Waterloo, his M.Sc. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and his Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia.

Professor Desloges' research focuses on the influence of climate change and human disturbance on river forms, glacier landscapes and general landform development in the northern hemisphere. He has won numerous grants and awards for his excellent research and teaching.