PDAD&C Information & Meeting Dates for 2012-13

PDAD&C#1, 2012-13

To:  PDAD&C 
From:    Cheryl Misak, Vice-President and Provost
Date:  July 6, 2012
Re:  PDAD&C Information & Meeting Dates for 2012-13 

Welcome to all new and returning members of Principals, Deans, Academic Directors & Chairs, commonly known as ‘PDAD&C'. Academic administrators who have been appointed under the Policy on the Appointment of Academic Administrators are members of PDAD&C.

All members of PDAD&C are automatically subscribed to the PDAD&C listserv. Assistants to PDAD&C members are also on the PDAD&C listserv as well as a select group of administrative staff. Please note, however, that we do not have an automatic mechanism for tracking assistants. If your assistant is not receiving messages on the PDAD&C listserv please contact Marylynn Joseph (marylynn.joseph@utoronto.ca).

It is the responsibility of PDAD&C members to forward those memos that are intended for distribution to members in their respective units. This one is not intended for wide distribution, but many others very clearly are so intended. Concerns have been raised in the last year that memo forwarding has not been as consistent as it might be. We try to restrict PDAD&C memos so that only important information is being sent and so that inboxes are not too cluttered.

Please note that numbered memos can be found on-line at http://www.provost.utoronto.ca/public/pdadc.htm. All PDAD&C memos are considered public information.

PDAD&C meetings are held on a Thursday from 10:10 am to 12:00 pm, in the Governing Council Chamber, Simcoe Hall. The 2012-13 meeting dates are available on-line at http://www.provost.utoronto.ca/committees/standing/pdadc/meetings.htm.