Advisory Search Committee for the Principal, Victoria College

PDAD&C#39, 2011-12

To:     PDAD&C
From:    Paul Gooch, President, Victoria University
Date:   January 23, 2012
RE:    Advisory Search Committee for the Principal, Victoria College

As announced in September 2011, Professor David Cook will complete his second and final term as Principal of Victoria College on June 30, 2012.

In accordance with the By-laws of Victoria University and the terms of the Federation Framework Agreement, President Paul Gooch has struck a committee to recommend the appointment of a Principal of Victoria College.  The composition of the committee is as follows:

Professor Paul Gooch (Chair) - President & Vice-Chancellor, Victoria University
Mr. Brandon Bailey - President, VUSAC
Professor Joe Blackmore - Victoria, Chair, Spanish & Portuguese
Ms Katie Degendorfer - student member, Victoria College
Mr. John Field - Board of Regents
Professor Meric Gertler -  Dean, Arts & Science, U of T
Mr. Paul Huyer - Board of Regents
Professor Lori Loeb - Victoria, History
Professor Lynne Magnusson - Victoria, Director, CRRS, & English
Professor Jill Matus - Vice-Provost, Students, U of T
Professor Mark Toulouse - Principal, Emmanuel College

The Advisory Search Committee welcomes comments and nominations from interested persons. These should be sent to the attention of Gillian Pearson, Executive Assistant to the President of Victoria University, by February 17, 2012 by mail (Victoria University, 73 Queen’s Park Cres. Room 120) or by email to

Further information can be found on the Victoria University website at