‘Just-in-Time’ Workshops for Academic Administrators

PDAD&C#44, 2011-12

 To:  PDAD&C
 From:  Edith Hillan, Vice Provost, Faculty & Academic Life
 Date:  February 15, 2012
 Re:  ‘Just-in-Time’ Workshops for Academic Administrators

I am pleased to provide details of the upcoming ‘Just-in-Time' workshops for New and Continuing Academic Administrators.

Scheduled to precede major human resource events in the academic calendar, these sessions provide an overview of relevant policy, a refresher on the procedures and some tips from experienced Chairs/Deans. They will be held in the Governing Council Chambers, Simcoe Hall from 12 noon to 2:00 p.m. with lunch provided.

Please note: These are intended solely for academic administrators.

March 1, 2012 - PTR Sara-Jane Finlay, Director, Faculty & Academic Life, will review the policies and processes relating to the annual performance review and PTR allocation and Alison Keith, Chair, Department of Classics, will share some tips and advice from a Chair's perspective.

March 15, 2012 - Time Management * New * Each year we conduct an evaluation of our workshop series for new academic administrators and over the last few years we have consistently had requests for a session on time management and how to juggle the role of administrator, teacher and researcher. Cheryl Misak, Vice-President & Provost will be speaking on the unique role of an academic administrator and will be joined by a panel of experienced administrators from across the University including Grant Allen, Chair, Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering and Rob Baker, Vice-Dean, Research and Graduate Programs, Faculty of Arts & Science.

March 29, 2012 - Third Year Review This month begins the period (May 1 to September 25) during which third year reviews for tenure-stream Assistant Professors in the second year of their contract must be carried out. Please join Sara-Jane Finlay, Director, Faculty & Academic Life, as she outlines the policies and processes relating to this very important review.

To confirm your attendance, please visit our website: