Provostial Advisory Group on Academic Planning ‐ Draft Report

PDAD&C#4, 2011-12


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 Cheryl Regehr, Vice-Provost, Academic Programs
 July 29, 2011
 Provostial Advisory Group on Academic Planning ‐ Draft Report

In November 2010, the Vice President and Provost announced the establishment of a Provostial Advisory Group on Academic Planning and invited nominations for membership of the group ( The University of Toronto community responded enthusiastically to the request and from the nominations received, a highly qualified and broadly representative group was established (

The Advisory Group was charged with the task of examining models of academic planning and identifying best practices for planning at unit and divisional levels. The Advisory Group will provide advice to the Office of the Vice-President and Provost, regarding the development of university guidelines for academic planning.  These guidelines will be incorporated into the University of Toronto Academic Administrative Procedures Manual ( which provides detailed procedures, best practices, and standardized templates for program planning and quality assurance processes at the University.

The Advisory Group has developed a draft report of recommendations regarding the principles and process of academic planning that can be found at  The Advisory Group welcomes comments and suggestions from all interested members of the community at