Review of Grading Practices Policies

PDAD&C#12, 2011-12



 President of UTFA
 Presidents of APUS, GSU, SCSU, UTMSU and UTSU

 Cheryl Regehr, Vice-Provost, Academic Programs
 Brian Corman, Vice-Provost, Graduate Education
 September 23, 2011
 Review of Grading Practices Policies

The 2009-10 report by the University's Ombudsperson to Governing Council raised concerns about the University's Grading Practices Policies.  Specifically the report drew attention to the problematic relationship between the current University Grading Practices Policy [UGPP] and the Graduate Grading Practices Policy [GGPP].  It called upon the Office of the Provost to review the matter.

As a consequence, a working group was established in the Office of the Provost.  This working group is reviewing, harmonizing, and updating the existing policies.  The current policies cover three distinct issues: Grading Practices, Transcript Notations, and Academic Disruption.  In the interest of greater clarity and simplicity, the Working Group has created three draft policies:

  • The Policy on Assessment and Grading Practices
  • The Policy on Academic Transcripts
  • The Policy on Academic Continuity

The draft policies on Assessment and Grading Practices, Academic Transcripts, Academic Continuity can be found at

The Working Group welcomes comments and suggestions on these draft policies from all interested members of the University community at