Spring Convocation 2011 – Invitation To Participate In The Academic Procession

 Principals, Deans, Academic Directors & Chairs
 Professional and Managerial Staff
  Professors Emeriti
 Louis Charpentier
 Secretary of the Governing Council
 May 4, 2011
 Spring Convocation 2011 – Invitation To Participate In The Academic Procession

This year, there will be twenty-four Convocation ceremonies running May 31 – June 17, 2011. The dates and times are detailed in the June 2011 Convocation Schedule available on the Office of Convocation website at www.convocation.utoronto.ca.  Please select the Governors, Faculty, and Staff [http://www.convocation.utoronto.ca/Governors__Faculty_and_Staff.htm] menu item to find information relevant to the Academic Procession.

If you wish to join the procession, please complete the RSVP form  [http://www.convocation.utoronto.ca/Governors__Faculty_and_Staff/APRSVP.htm] on the Office of Convocation website by MAY 18, 2011.  When available, information on the honorary degree recipients and convocation speakers   [http://www.convocation.utoronto.ca/Honorary_Graduands_and_Speakers.htm] will also be included on the website.

The Academic Processions will assemble thirty minutes before the time of convocation in the COUNCIL CHAMBER, located on the second floor, Simcoe Hall, 27 King’s College Circle.

Gaspard & Sons, Ltd in collaboration with the Office of Convocation will provide the regalia rental service [https://gaspard.gownsandrobes.com/gaspard/ci/index.php/cart/page/UofTorontoFaculty/0] for faculty and staff.  Hoods for University of Toronto degrees and black academic gowns will be available.  They may be reserved using an on-line reservation system available on the website.  Please note that the rental service will not provide hoods for degrees from other universities.  You may, however, purchase a hood from your university if an order is placed with Gaspard & Sons in advance. The online rental service will be open from May 4 – May 18, 2011.

If you have any questions or have difficulty linking to the convocation website, please contact Terry Johnston, Assistant Director, Office of Convocation at terry.johnston@utoronto.ca or call at (416) 978-6425.

Please distribute this memorandum to members of your division and encourage them to consider attending.  Your participation enriches the ceremony itself and, more importantly, our students’ experience – and that of their families – on a very special day.  In order to facilitate planning for the ceremonies, we would appreciate responses by MAY 18, 2011.

We look forward to seeing you at convocation.