PTR/Merit Assessment Notification for Faculty for 2011-12

PDADC#87, 2010-11


To:   Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
From:  Edith Hillan, Vice Provost Faculty & Academic Life
Date:  June 22, 2011
Re:  PTR/Merit Assessment Notification for Faculty for 2011-12

The University has yet to reach an agreement with UTFA with respect to salary and benefit negotiations for 2011-12. PDAD&C #79 PTR/Merit Assessment and Salary Increase Instructions for 2010-11 issued on the 20th May 2011 advised units that the University would proceed to implement PTR awards effective July 1st  2011. 

Given our decision to move ahead with implementation of PTR awards, it is important that all faculty and librarians receive written notification of their performance assessment and PTR by July 1st 2011. 

All academic units should proceed to issue written notification of the performance assessment for faculty and librarians, which provides feedback on the individual's performance for the academic year 2010-11 and for junior faculty or librarians, the assessment should also be related to the individual's career development. If a scoring mechanism is used in the unit and is typically included in assessment letters, this may also be provided. Letters should be received by faculty and librarians by  July 1st  2011.

The following language may be included in individual letters to faculty and librarians:

The University and UTFA are currently in negotiations on salary and benefits for 2011-12 and no agreement has yet been reached with respect to any ATB amount for 2011-12 . In the meantime PTR/Merit payments for 2010 -11 will be implemented on July 1st 2011. Once an agreement has been reached  this letter will be re-issued with any other relevant salary increases included.