Judith Wolfson - Re-Appointment as Vice-President, University Relations

PDAD&C #81, 2010-11



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 David Naylor, President
 May 19, 2011
 Judith Wolfson - Re-Appointment as Vice-President, University Relations

I am very pleased to announce the re-appointment of Judith Wolfson as Vice-President, University Relations at the University of Toronto for a further term, beginning July 1, 2011 and ending December 31, 2013. This re-appointment was endorsed at today's meeting of the Governing Council. 

Ms Wolfson was first appointed to the newly created position of Vice-President, University Relations in July 2006 for a five year term.  As Vice-President University Relations, Ms. Wolfson works across the entire University in support of positive relationships with governments, other public sector institutions, international partners, private sector and community partners, and the University's broad range of stakeholders.  Her portfolio includes three key areas: Government, Institutional and Community Relations, International Relations and Strategic Communications.

Under Ms Wolfson's leadership, we have enjoyed unprecedented commitments of federal and provincial infrastructure funding for major projects on all three campuses.  In concert with a range of colleagues across the University, Ms Wolfson has coordinated strong advocacy for a variety of internal educational, research, scholarship and student aid priorities. 

Her team has also provided a sharper focus for international partnerships and facilitated a number of academic initiatives abroad. The result has been a growth in opportunities for faculty and students alike, along with greater global interest in the University of Toronto, exemplified by more than 160 delegations to the University over the last 3 years alone.  Outward delegations in turn have been targeted to governments and peer institutions in China, India, Brazil, Europe and the Middle East.

As to communications, on Ms Wolfson's watch, we have seen an increased share of media coverage for the University, major enhancements to our websites and related digital traffic, the adoption of a more effective and consistent visual identity, and a shift to customized electronic communication, exemplified by the e-Bulletin.  University Relations has also partnered with the Office of the Vice-Provost, Students, in many of the recent changes that have markedly improved the University's student recruitment tactics. 

A double graduate of the University of Toronto in Law (LLB, 1980) and Social Work (MSW, 1972), Ms. Wolfson was President and Chief Executive Officer of Interac Association/Acxsys Corporation from 1998-2006. She also spent 10 years with the Government of Ontario, serving three Premiers: the Hon. David Peterson, the Hon. Bob Rae, and the Hon. Mike Harris. Among others, her portfolios included Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Technology; Deputy Minister, Economic Development, Trade and Tourism; and Deputy Minister of Consumer and Commercial Relations.

I have every confidence that the University of Toronto will be extremely well served by Judith Wolfson's continued leadership in the University Relations portfolio.