United Way Campaign

PDADC#47, 2010-11


 Cheryl Misak, Vice-President and Provost
 January 31, 2011
 United Way Campaign


Dear Colleagues:

Here is an update on the University's United Way Campaign, beamed both to those who have so generously supported our effort, and to those who have still not done so.

We are breathtakingly close to our unprecedented campaign goal: one million dollars!   At the end of the official campaign period, our total is: $966,000 - up from $905,000 last year.

To all who have contributed, many, many thanks.  

We still can reach our goal.   With an additional $34,000 we will be able to close the gap.   Doing so would be an historic achievement that would showcase our institution municipally and nationally. 

Can you help us close the gap?  Even if you have already donated?

Our campaign leadership has decided to keep our office open for two more weeks.   If all who have already given would contribute an additional small fraction of their original gift, and if just ten percent more of you make a contribution, we will achieve this spectacular success.   And those in our community who are  in particular need will be the beneficiaries.

Would you agree to join this final push?

To make a new donation, please go to our United Way website at unitedway.utoronto.ca

For more information or contact Employee Campaign Chair, Molly Yeomans, directly to: unitedway@utoronto.ca

With thanks for your supplementary and continuing support,

Michael R. Marrus
Leadership Chair