Doctoral Thesis Completion Grant

PDAD&C#80, 2009-10


From:    Cheryl Misak, Vice-President and Provost
Brian Corman, Vice-Provost, Graduate Education and Dean of Graduate Studies
Date: April 22, 2010
Re: Doctoral Thesis Completion Grant

In response to concerns raised by our colleagues and by our graduate students, Brian Corman and I are pleased to announce some substantial revisions to the Doctoral Thesis Completion Grant. This grant will now be used to support PhD students who are in their first year beyond the funded cohort and whose program cannot be completed within the funded years because of special features of the research program, such as intensive language requirements or archival work, or because unforeseen events such as loss of data, obstruction of access of research materials, etc. For 2010-2011, the value of the award is tuition (domestic or international) plus $10,000. This ought to go some distance in alleviating the burdens on international students who require an additional year to complete their theses.

Please see attached Doctoral Completion Award Terms of Reference.