Academic Planning for H1N1

PDAD&C #8, 2009/10




From:     Cheryl Regehr, Vice-Provost, Academic Programs
Date: August 7, 2009
Re: Academic Planning for H1N1

As we approach the 2009-10 academic year and the predicted escalation in cases of H1N1, it is important that we take concrete steps to minimize any disruption to our students’ programs.

It is vital that every teaching staff member plan for potential situations in which students, instructors, and teaching assistants miss a number of classes/labs/community placements or are unable to complete/mark assignments due to illness. This planning will more often than not require revisions to syllabi and hence instructors need to start thinking about their contingency plans now.

The H1N1 Program Continuity Group, in conjunction with the Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation, is working to develop suggestions for mechanisms that might be incorporated into courses (for example, the inclusion of self-directed activities for students, the use of electronic discussion boards, and the incorporation of multiple methods of assessment into the grading practices of each course.* Further suggestions will be posted on the University’s Preparedness Website by August 14, 2009 and will continue to be updated throughout the summer and fall term as more information about the scope of H1N1’s impact becomes available. Strategies for students to ensure that they are best equipped to manage possible loss of class time due to illness are posted at  

Please direct all instructional staff to the website and please ensure that proactive planning, discussion, and strategizing with others is conducted in your unit.

* Instructors are reminded of the University of Toronto Grading Practices Policy which states that “Student performance in a course shall be assessed on more than one occasion. No one essay, test, examination, etc. should have a value of more than 80% of the grade. “ and “At least one piece of term work which is a part of the evaluation of a student performance, whether essay, lab report, review, etc., shall be returned to the student prior to the last date for withdrawal from the course without academic penalty.” The inclusion of multiple points of evaluation allows for the possibility of dropping and re-weighting assignments if so required.