Online H1N1 Absence Declarations

PDAD&C# 79, 2009-10


From:   Cheryl Regehr, Vice-Provost, Academic Programs
Date: April 22, 2010
Re: Online H1N1 Absence Declarations

Last fall, as part of the University's planning related to academic accommodations for H1N1 influenza, the University implemented a temporary suspension of the need for a doctor's note or medical certificate in relation to flu-related absences. As part of these accommodations, an on-line ROSI flu absence declaration system was implemented.

I writing to advise you that, effective the beginning of the summer 2010 session, the on-line H1N1 absence declaration will be disabled. Students who wish to seek academic accommodation for illness will be expected to provide a medical certificate in accordance with their own faculty or campus's normal rules.

Students will receive notification of the suspension for the on-line H1N1 absence declaration. They will be directed to academic divisional registrar's office for further information and responses to their queries.

We are currently examining whether a modified version of an online declaration system may be of use to academic divisions and will be consulting further on this issue.