Vice-Provost, Academic Programs Portfolio staffing

PDADC#39, 2009-10


FROM:      Cheryl Misak Vice-President and Provost
DATE: November 16, 2009
Re: Vice-Provost, Academic Programs Portfolio staffing

As you know, a new Quality Assurance Framework for universities in Ontario is coming into being in the near future. The aim is to make the ongoing assessment of our programs, and divisions coherent, simplified, and rational. This new framework will require each university to develop its own Institutional Quality Assurance Plan (IQAP) and then conduct its own reviews in accordance with that plan.

In anticipation of this change, the position of Vice-Provost, Academic Programs was established in July 2009 and Cheryl Regehr is now very ably filling this role. She has assumed responsibility for the quality assurance of graduate and undergraduate programs (the former in tandem with the Vice-Provost Graduate Education), as well as departmental and divisional reviews, ensuring that our processes align with new provincial requirements. As a result of these changes, I am pleased to inform you of staffing changes within the Vice-Provost Academic Programs portfolio.

Helen Lasthiotakis - Director, Academic Programs & Policy

Helen has been serving as Director, Policy & Planning in the Office of the Vice-President and Provost since March, 2004. Her title will be changed to Director, Academic Programs & Policy in order to reflect additional responsibilities aligned with the Vice-Provost, Academic Programs in the areas of program approvals and reviews; on related institutional processes; and on submissions to the newly established provincial Quality Council.

Helen will continue to provide high-level support and advice on academic policy and internal governance matters; on academic planning matters, on administrative and governance processes related to the appointment of academic administrators, and on decanal search processes.

Scott Moore - Quality Assurance Officer

The position of Quality Assessment Officer, currently in School of Graduate Studies, will be realigned within the Provostial portfolio. I am pleased that Scott Moore, who currrently holds this position in the School of Graduate Studies, will be moving to the Office of the Vice- Provost, Academic Programs as of December 1, 2009. Scott has been an important member of the School of Graduate Studies team, serving in the role of Quality Assessment Officer since August 2007. In this capacity, he has coordinated the OCGS appraisal process within the University, working closely with divisional colleagues. Before that, Scott was a Student Services Officer at SGS for ten years. As a result, Scott has an excellent base of knowledge which will continue to aid us in ensuring quality of our programs, divisions, and units.

Reporting to Helen Lasthiotakis, Scott will be responsible for administering and monitoring our institutional quality assurance process including all undergraduate and graduate programs and academic units in the University. He will review appraisal briefs and self-studies and provide feedback and advice to Deans and Vice-Deans with regards to these documents and the appraisal and review process, timing and content of reports.