H1N1: Documentation required for flu-related student absences

PDAD&C#30, 2009-10


From:     Cheryl Regehr, Vice-Provost, Academic Programs
Date: November 2, 2009
RE: H1N1: Documentation required for flu-related student absences

Please distribute this memorandum to all teaching members of your department, including stipendiary instructors and course instructors.

Toronto Public Health recently circulated the following directive:

"Toronto Public Health is strongly recommending that people with flu-like illness stay at home until they are feeling well and that they not go to the doctor unless their health condition warrants it. A policy to require doctor's notes could present a significant barrier to students complying with public health policy - potentially spreading the infection more and causing unnecessary pressure on physician's offices."

Our current practice is in line with the above directive. As previously communicated in PDAD&C#13, 2009-10 (http://www.provost.utoronto.ca/public/pdadc/200910/13.htm) students who are absent due to the H1N1 flu or who have flu-like symptoms are NOT required to supply a doctor's note or medical certificate in relation to their absence.

In order to receive academic accommodation, students WILL be required to record flu-related absences on the Student Web Service of ROSI (www.rosi.utoronto.ca).

For the most up-to-date information about the university's H1N1 preparations and policies, please visit the website: http://www.preparedness.utoronto.ca).