Working with Ongoing Conflicts in Academic Settings

PDADC#27, 2009-10


From:     Professor Edith Hillan, Vice Provost, Faculty and Academic Life
Date: October 22, 2009
RE: Working with Ongoing Conflicts in Academic Settings

We are pleased to announce that Professor Bernie Mayer from the Werner Institute for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution at Creighton University will offering a workshop on conflict management for academic administrators entitled:

'Working with Ongoing Conflicts in Academic Settings'

Many of the most challenging conflicts academic leaders face are not going to be resolved easily or quickly. They are embedded in the structure, personality, values and relationships of the university. In this workshop we will consider approaches for dealing with long term conflicts, challenging staff or faculty, and enduring problems. We will look at what academic leaders can do to guide these conflicts in more productive directions and how to deal with problematic individuals who are likely to be part of the academic community for years to come.

Please join us on 18th November 2009 from 9am to 12pm in the Upper Dining Room of the Faculty Club, 41 Wilcocks St., for this timely and relevant event.

You can register by emailing Lisa Wilkes at  

Bernie Mayer, Ph.D., Professor, Werner Institute for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution, Creighton University, is an internationally-recognized leader in the field of conflict resolution. Bernie has facilitated many complex and controversial environmental conflicts, commercial and organizational disputes, interpersonal conflicts, public decision-making processes, and has an extensive background in family mediation as well. Bernie was a founding partner of CDR Associates in Boulder, Colorado, an internationally recognized conflict intervention and training firm.

He has provided consultation, mediation, facilitation and training for many federal, state and local agencies including the U.S. EPA, the Departments of the Interior, Defense, Health and Human Services, Labor, Agriculture, Education, Transportation, Energy, and Homeland Security, as well as for numerous governmental departments and agencies in Canada. Bernie also has extensive international experience in setting up dispute resolution programs and working on complex issues such as ethnic relations, conflicts between governments, corporations, and non-governmental organizations, and community and family disputes.

Bernie is the author of many books and articles including The Dynamics of Conflict Resolution: A Practitioner's Guide (Jossey-Bass/Wiley, 2000), Beyond Neutrality: Confronting the Crisis in Conflict Resolution (Jossey-Bass/Wiley, 2004), and Staying With Conflict: A Strategic Approach to Ongoing Disputes (Jossey-Bass/Wiley, 2009)