Teaching and Learning Symposium 2009

PDAD&C#24, 2009-10


FROM:    Carol Rolheiser, Director, Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation
DATE: October 2, 2009
RE: Teaching and Learning Symposium 2009

The fourth annual University-wide Symposium on Teaching and Learning will be held Friday 23 October 2009 at University College. We ask that you encourage individuals from your unit to attend this full-day event.

This year's symposium is entitled Learning in Action: Leading the Way and will focus on how teaching and learning need not be defined by the walls of the classroom. Engagement can be promoted by connecting students to the places and people related to their field of study and to their goals for personal and professional development. This might take place through interactions with local or global communities and organizations, through participating in the discipline or through involvement in campus life. Symposium sessions will focus on initiatives that promote leadership development, community engagement, and experiential and community service learning. Presenters will share their own experiences and offer practical advice for providing opportunities for these types of engagement, will examine administrative structures that support students and faculty in pursuing these approaches, and address the skills and content knowledge students need in order to maximize such experiences.

This tri-campus event is intended to stimulate discussion and the sharing of experiences around teaching and learning, aiming to enhance communications and build internal networks. It is a cross-divisional forum which allows faculty and staff to explore new instructional methods, to celebrate our commitment to teaching and learning, and to hear from this year's recipients of the President's Teaching Award. The symposium will include a panel discussion involving the 2009 President's Teaching Award recipients, interactive concurrent sessions, roundtable discussions, and poster and resource sharing sessions. The full program is available online at:


This is a free event but registration is required. To register, please visit: http://www.provost.utoronto.ca/tlsymposium/registration.htm  

Questions about the Symposium can be directed to Cathy Baillie in the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation at 416-946-3799 or cathy.baillie@utoronto.ca.