Notice of Fire Drills and Mandatory Fire Alarm Evacuation


From: Catherine J. Riggall, Vice-President, Business Affairs
Vivek Goel, Vice-President and Provost
Date: August 22, 2007
Re: Notice of Fire Drills & Mandatory Fire Alarm Evacuation

Under the provisions for Emergency Planning in the Ontario Fire Code, the University is obligated to perform annual fire drills in its buildings, with complete evacuation of occupants. Our offices are in full support of U of T Fire Prevention in working to meet these requirements.

September Fire Drills

Notification of fire drill dates for September 2007 can be found here. Please plan accordingly and distribute the notification widely, as rescheduling will only be an option in the most critical circumstances. The day before the drill, notices will be posted at the main building entrance(s) and in the 1st floor elevator lobbies where applicable to remind occupants. In the event of heavy rain at the designated time, the drill will be cancelled and rebooked for a rain date at the end of the schedule period.

We anticipate that the duration of each drill should not exceed 15 minutes in the largest buildings. Silencing of the bells will indicate that the drill has been completed, at which time building users may re-enter the building.

Since the intent of these drills is to test each building's evacuation procedures and exits during full occupancy, we strongly discourage avoiding the exercise by booking meetings elsewhere, or leaving the building just prior to the scheduled drill time. Without a full building complement, procedural gaps, exiting problems, poor fire alarm signal audibility, or other important issues may not come to light. Each individual's presence and full participation is therefore very important and valuable.

Fire Alarm Mandatory Evacuation

Please note that in accordance with the University's Policy on Crisis Preparedness and Response ( ), evacuation is mandatory upon fire alarm activation, including drills. The responsibility rests with those in a supervisory capacity to ensure that persons under their authority are aware of, and follow the University's mandatory evacuation protocol. A proactive email distribution to staff, reminding them of this mandatory protocol would be significant step toward demonstrating due diligence in this respect.

Your full cooperation and assistance is appreciated.