Institutional Learning Management System Licensing

         Addendum to PDAD&C #68 (2006-07)


From: Vivek Goel, Vice-President and Provost
Date: July 9, 2007
Re:   Institutional Learning Management System Licensing
 Addendum to PDAD&C #68 (2006-07)

The final paragraph of PDAD&C #68, Blackboard Learning Management System ,  refers to continued support of CCNet through June 2008 to permit a smooth transition from the application. This memo addresses CCNet licensing.

In January 2006, the RFP process for a learning management system concluded with the selection of the Blackboard Academic Suite. The suite encompasses modules for learning, content management, community portal, and eCommerce.Since then, staff from the academic and central divisions have been actively engaged in integrating Blackboard into teaching, course administration, and with other central and local systems. The targeted objectives of integration and support have been successfully implemented. The basic and extended functional needs of the community have been largely met, and divisional and central project team members will continue to work together to introduce or refine elements of functionality.

Some members of the user community have expressed the desire to extend the availability of CCNet to ensure a smooth transition for their faculty members. As such, we are in negotiation with Zumo Corporation, the owner of CCNet, to extend the availability of CCNet to June 2008.

Negotiations with Zumo Corporation will be conducted through my Office, which will negotiate a University-wide arrangement. Individual units may not enter into separate negotiations or contracts with Zumo. Our objective is to conclude negotiations expeditiously.

If you have any questions regarding this issue please contact Marden Paul at 416.946.0440,