Professor Angela Hildyard – Re- Appointment as Vice-President

PDAD&C #46, 2007-08


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From: David Naylor, President
Date: April 10, 2008
Re: Professor Angela Hildyard – Re- Appointment as Vice-President,
Human Resources and Equity

I am pleased to announce the re-appointment of Professor Angela Hildyard as Vice-President, Human Resources and Equity at the University of Toronto for a three year term, beginning July 1, 2008 and ending June 30, 2011. This re-appointment was endorsed at today’s meeting of the Governing Council.

Professor Hildyard is a distinguished colleague who has demonstrated outstanding leadership both as a member of the University’s executive team and in the direction and strategic oversight of the Human Resources and Equity portfolio. The portfolio, with its eight Equity Offices, Office of Environmental Health and Safety and twelve affiliated divisional Human Resources offices, provides expertise, advice, and leadership to the University community on a variety of human resource, equity, health and safety issues and initiatives.

Professor Hildyard has demonstrated outstanding competence in facilitating equitable and sustainable relationships in our complex University environment comprised of 23 distinct employee groups, including the Faculty Association. In that context, she has overseen scores of negotiations with our employees’ representatives and will continue to do so over the course of the next year as the University enters the collective bargaining phase with the majority of these groups. Professor Hildyard also maintains an active scholarly life, working with a number of doctoral students at OISE.

Under Professor Hildyard’s leadership as Vice-President, the University of Toronto was named one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers for the third consecutive year, and one of the Top 50 Employers in the GTA for the second consecutive year. This year the University was also named one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers for 2008 in the first year of the competition.
Another notable portfolio achievement during Professor Hildyard’s initial vice-presidential term was the introduction of the Speaking UP Employee Experience Survey, the first-ever staff and faculty experience survey. The results exceeded the benchmark data from peer organizations in several areas, including employees’ overall satisfaction with and motivation in their job, their pride in working at the University, and the extent to which they feel valued as employees.
I have every confidence that the University of Toronto will be extremely well served by Professor Angela Hildyard’s continued leadership in the Human Resources and Equity portfolio.