Instructional Technology Courseware Development Fund 2008 Competition

PDAD&C #40, 2007-08


FROM: Safwat Zaky, Vice-Provost, Planning & Budget

February 6, 2008

RE: Instructional Technology Courseware Development Fund 2008 Competition

The Instructional Technology Courseware Development Fund supports the development of course-related software and other instructional tools that would advance the use of information technology in teaching programs at the University.

Applications from faculty and staff are invited for this year's competition.
Eligibility for project funding is detailed below.

Total Funding Available: $216,000


  • Funding will be provided as seed money for innovative, pedagogically-focused projects whose output is novel educational software or the novel use of information technology in our programs.
  • Funding from the ITCDF is intended to kick start projects, and is not intended to provide a continuing revenue source. Thus, projects that have received prior funding will not be funded in subsequent years.
  • The use of existing courseware products developed by other universities should be explored before funding is requested.
  • Collaboration in new developments with other Divisions is encouraged.
  • Funding requests must be matched 1:1 by the Faculty. In calculating the Division's match, in-kind time from IT staff or faculty release will not be included.
  • The use of existing computer equipment or software is not eligible for inclusion in the faculty match component.
  • Projects that focus on administrative aspects of teaching or that are purely administrative in nature are not eligible.
  • Projects that require major funds for the purchase of hardware, such as video-conferencing units, data projectors, or computers will not be supported.


* Application Deadline: Monday, March 31 2008
* Award Date: Thursday, April 17 2008


Applications should be brief (maximum 5 pages) and include:

  • the project title, the name(s) and department(s) of principal applicant(s), telephone, fax and e-mail contacts, and the URL of related or previous work, if any;
  • a description of the courseware product, highlighting its innovative nature;
  • the programs, courses and students that will benefit from the project;
  • a description of the project's relation to the Division's academic programs;
  • existing information technology facilities and their use, where relevant;
  • a detailed project budget, including total expected cost, the Division's matching contribution, faculty and staff resources, hardware, software tools and supplies;
  • the potential for use in other programs or disciplines.

In order to facilitate compilation of the requests, please provide an electronic version of your submission in Word or PDF.

In all cases, projects must be submitted via divisional offices, and be accompanied by a letter of support from the Dean or Chief Librarian.
Divisions with more than one project application are asked to rank them in priority order with a brief explanation. Proposals not submitted through divisional offices will not be considered.

Note: Projects involving College Programs should be submitted through the Dean of Arts and Science.

Applications should be delivered, attention to:

Marden Paul
Director, Strategic Computing
Office of the Vice-President and Provost Simcoe Hall
27 King's College Circle, Room 244


Projects will be reviewed by representatives from the Academic Computing Advisory Committee, Office of Teaching Advancement, Resource Centre for Academic Technology, the Innovations University of Toronto (IUT), and the Office of the Vice-President and Provost.

ITCDF funds are intended to promote and support the use of information technology in teaching. The quality and impact of a project will be paramount in funding decisions.


Notification of awards will be forwarded in writing to the appropriate Principal, Dean or the Chief Librarian, as well as to the successful applicant. Projects not selected for funding will be similarly notified.


  • Award recipients are requested to send a short project status report to the Office of the Vice-President and Provost (via e-mail to by 30 January 2009.
  • The Office of Teaching Advancement and the Resource Centre for Academic Technology run an annual event in mid-April to showcase innovative courseware. ITCDF recipients will be invited to present their projects at the event.

Please contact Marden Paul (, 416.946.0440) with any questions about the ITCDF.