Speaking UP

Date: October 5, 2006
FROM: Vivek Goel, Vice-President and Provost
RE: Speaking UP, U of T Faculty and Staff experience survey


An invitation to participate in the first University-wide survey of faculty and staff will be sent by email directly to eligible employees on October 10. It will come from Matrix Research, a data-processing firm that is hosting the online survey for Mercer Delta, the external company with whom we have contracted to conduct the survey.

The purpose of the survey is to gain a better understanding of the work experience of faculty and staff at the U of T. The results will inform institutional priority-setting and give direction to policy development and practice improvements.

Please watch for the individually-addressed email message to come from UofTSurvey@matrixresearch.ca . The subject line of the email message will be: U of T Faculty and Staff Experience Survey. Each recipient of the email message will receive a unique, secure web-link through which they can complete their individual survey. Employees are asked to keep the email message with the web-link information until they have finished the survey. The link can be accessed multiple times and the survey can be submitted in sections. Once their survey is completed, the link is broken.

Employees without valid email addresses on HRIS are being invited to participate by means of a paper-based survey, which will be mailed to these employees through Campus Mail. Employees do not have the option to complete a paper-based survey if they’ve received an online link.

Please communicate this to your community via your regularly planned meetings or via your internal listservs. I would appreciate your help to get the broadest possible participation. We are honestly inviting faculty and staff to speak up, and we are committed to acting on the results.

The survey website has an FAQ page, as well as Notes for Unit Heads/Managers which you can use internally at meetings or adapt for use in your own communications, http://www.hrandequity.utoronto.ca/HR_News/Speaking_UP.htm . For questions about the survey, contact Rosanne Lopers-Sweetman in my office (r.lopers.sweetman@utoronto.ca, 978-8994) or Janice Draper, Human Resources (janice.draper@utoronto.ca, 978-5699), or email speakingup.survey@utoronto.ca