Call for Applications for PDFs for May 31st Deadline

DAD&C #53, 2006-07


From: John Challis, Vice President, Research and Associate Provost

Subject: Call for Applications for PDFs: May 31st Deadline

Date: May 2, 2007

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Call for Applications

Matching Grants for Post Doctoral Fellowships

Sponsored in part by the Ministry of Research and Innovation

Deadline:  31 May 2007


The Award

In the 2006 Budget, the Province announced a new Post Doctoral Fellowship Program.  Earlier this year, the Ministry of Research and Innovation released further information on this new matching program, the purpose of which is to recruit and retain outstanding young scientists to spend two years as PDFs in Ontario research institutions and to support them through a provincial network.

A number of awards are allocated to each Ontario university. The initial allocation to the University of Toronto is 15 Fellowships.  Each institution is responsible for selecting and appointing its PDFs through an annual competitive process that is consistent with MRI program guidelines (attached).  At the UofT, it is expected that the allocation of these Fellowships across academic divisions will resemble the following distribution.  The final determination of awards will be based on excellence.


A&S, Forestry, UTM, UTSC, ALD, FIS, Law, Rotman, Music, OISE/UT
FoM (including hospitals), Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, PEH, SW


The PDF awards are two year awards valued at least $50,000/annually, of which MRI will provide $25,000.  Eligible expenses are limited to salary, benefits and a research allowance of up to $5,000/year.  Matching funding can come from any source (excluding other provincial funding), including research grants.  Matching funds must be secured at the time of the PDF application.


The Application Process

Individuals interested in applying for one of these Fellowships should submit the following documentation by no later than May 31st to the GRIP Office, Room 5, Simcoe Hall:

a curriculum vitae of the post doctoral fellow;

2.       an Ontario PDF Application Form (attached), duly completed and signed;

3.       a lay summary of no more than 500 words describing the research activity to be undertaken;

4.       a letter from the proposed faculty supervisor in support of the candidate, detailing the source and secured status of the required matching funding.

All applications received by the deadline will be adjudicated by a sub-committee of the Research Advisory Board in accordance with the program guidelines.

Notification of Results

Applicants and their supervisors will be notified of the outcome of the competition prior to the end of June.  Fellowships must begin between 1 July and 31 December 2007.


Please contact MayLiza Baak (; 978-7605).

Ontario Post Doctoral Fellowship Program (2007)

Application Form


Please submit this application form, together with your Curriculum Vitae and a lay summary of the proposed research project (no more than 500 words) to the GRIP Office, Simcoe Hall, Room 5, 27 King’s College Circle no later than May 31st, 2007. Please read the program guidelines (schedule A, attached) carefully before proceeding with an application.

Post Doctoral Fellow Information

Last Name:                                                                   First Name:                                                     


E-mail Address:                                                            Tel:                                                                  


Department:                                                                  Faculty:                                                           




 Supervisor Information


Last Name:                                                                   First Name:                                                     


E-mail Address:                                                            Tel:                                                                  


Department:                                                                  Faculty:                                                           




 Start Date and Matching Funding

 Proposed Start Date of the Fellowship: ______________________________________________

                                                                         (Must between July 1st and December 31st, 2007)


Amount of Matching Funding:               *          Source:                                                


* The First $25,000, at least, must be secured/on hand at the time of this PDF Fellowship application.


This application is submitted in compliance with the Sponsor’s conditions and published University policies and procedures. The research shall be performed and administered in accordance with the Sponsor’s terms and conditions and the University’s policies and procedures. All persons engaged on the project shall be fully informed of, and agree to be bound by, the award conditions.


_____________________________________              ___________________________
Post Doctoral Fellow's Signature                                          Date

_____________________________________                ___________________________
Supervisor's Signature                                                               Date


The following signatures confirm that: a) the information contained in the application is accurate; b) that the department/centre/institute is willing to provide the necessary administrative and other support (including financial support and space as indicated in the application) should the application be successful.

_______________________________________               __________________________

Departmental Chair's Signature                                                Date

________________________________________         ___________________________
Signature of Dean/Vice Dean Research                                 Date




The Post Doctoral Fellowship Program (the “Program”) is designed to support research excel-lence in targeted economic sectors aligned with Ontario’s research and innovation agenda. 

The Program assists in the support of a Post Doctoral Fellow (“PDF”) selected and appointed solely and independently by the Institution, to conduct research activities at the Institution’s prem-ises as the PDF prepares for a full-time academic and/or research career.

1. Definition of Post Doctoral Fellow

The appointment of a PDF by the Institution involves substantially full-time research or scholar-ship but is not part of a clinical training program.  More specifically,

a. The appointment is never permanent.

b. The appointee is someone who has recently been awarded a Ph.D. degree in any disci-pline or a health professional degree.

c. A faculty member supervises the appointee.

d. The appointee has the freedom to publish the results of his or her research or scholarship obtained during the period of the appointment.

e. At the discretion of the institution, the appointee may undertake teaching duties.


2. Eligibility

To be considered eligible to apply to the Institution, as of the deadline date of the year in which they apply, PDF applicants must:

a. Have completed or received a PhD degree in any discipline or a health professional de-gree (or equivalent) no more than two years before the intended application deadline; or

b. Be expected to complete their PhD degree in any discipline or a health professional de-gree no later than six months after taking up the PDF.

c. The health professional degree must be in a regulated health profession which requires at least a Bachelor's degree to be eligible for licensing by that regulated health profes-sion.

d. Date of degree completion is the date on which all requirements of the degree have been met.

e. If an applicant has at least six months of full-time relevant work experience in industry or government after receiving the doctorate, the eligibility period is extended to three years.

f. If an applicant has withdrawn from the workforce and active research for maternity or pa-ternity leave or to raise a child for at least one year after receiving a doctorate, the eligibility period is extended to six years.

g. Applicants must hold the PDF at the Ontario university through which they made their application.

h. Applicants must be eligible to hold a PDF in Canada.

3. Competitive Selection Process

Selection and appointment of the PDF by the Institution will be based on a competitive process managed solely and independently by the Institution as part of its suite of scholarships, fellow-ships and student awards.  Recruitment by the Institution may include advertisement or search through any appropriate competitive mechanism.

Also, the Institution must establish an adjudication committee, composed of qualified and authorized experts, to evaluate applications.  Committee members will adhere to all relevant polices of the Institution in their review and selection of successful applications. 

 Candidates should be evaluated based on the following criteria as setout in the program guide-lines:

 • Their past research and leadership achievements

• The excellence and impact of the proposed research program

• Their ongoing/future research and leadership potential

• The alignment of their research activity with the economic sectors (agriculture, materials and advanced manufacturing, life sciences, information and communications technologies, energy systems and technologies, environmental technologies and emerging technologies)

4. Notification of Selection and Appointment

Successful PDF applicants will be notified directly by the Institution.  The Institution will provide the successful applicant with a letter of offer stating the terms and conditions of the appointment of the PDF by the Institution, including that:

 • the Institution, the PDF and the PDF’s mentors agree to participate in a PDF network as may be requested and organized by Ontario from time to time  

• the PDF must commit a minimum of 1% of their research activities to mentor youth on-campus and in their local community 

The Institution’s letter of offer to the PDF must acknowledge Ontario’s contribution.

Successful applications must notify the Institution in writing that they accept or decline the appointment. 

In accordance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement, the Institution must advise Ontario in writing of the selection process and appointment of each named PDF and as outlined in Schedule D.

Ontario reserves the right to publish the names and other basic research information of successful PDFs appointed by the Institution.

The PDF must start between July 1 and December 31 of the year in which the Institution send the applicant the letter of offer.

5. Reporting to Ontario

The PDF must report to the Institution on their research activities.

The Institution must report to Ontario in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement and Section 6.2 in particular.