Faculty Recruitment Advertising

PDAD&C #7, 2006-07


To: Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
From: Edith Hillan, Vice-Provost, Academic
Date: August 15, 2006
Re: Faculty Recruitment Advertising

Many of you will be undertaking faculty recruitment advertising this year.  As part of our efforts to provide central assistance for recruitment, the Provost’s Office has prepared a number of resources. 

1. The Chronicle of Higher Education

Our employer profile on the website of The Chronicle of Higher Education receives on average 515 hits a month and is linked to each advertisement placed in The Chronicle by any UofT unit, as well as providing useful links to Working at UofT and Academic Employment Opportunities.  Our profile can be located at http://chronicle.com/jobs/profiles.  In addition to our profile, the University has also arranged for savings on display advertisements placed in the Chronicle.  All display ads receive a 10% discount.  This does not apply to line ads or web only ads. 

Please note that it is often cheaper and more effective to purchase a display ad than to place long line advertisements.  Last year, on average, each line advertisement cost $600, while a 2”x 2” display ad would only have cost $528.  We would strongly suggest you consider this form of advertising which has a higher impact and is more likely to encourage prospective new faculty to look at the jobs available on the UofT website. 

Mr. Tim Sieja is available to help with advertising in The Chronicle and can be reached at (202) 466-1790.  Please submit your ad to:   jobs@chronicle.com. Further details are available from Pat Rafferty at (416) 978-2632 or patricia.rafferty@utoronto.ca.

2. University Affairs

The Provost’s Office supports academic recruitment by placing your academic advertisements on the UofT website, on Academic Careers Online and in University Affairs.  Last March the Provost’s Office moved from low-impact line ads to high-impact display ads in University Affairs.  This necessitated some updates to the online process of posting positions.  Representatives from many of the departments and divisions across the University have undergone a training session on the new website.  It is important to remember that only limited information can be published in the display ads, so that the details entered under ‘Primary Description’ should be as succinct and pertinent as possible.  This is the only information that will appear in the display ad.  Jason Phillips (jason.phillips@utoronto.ca) would be happy to help you with this.

3.  Proactive Recruitment Toolkit

A Proactive Recruitment Toolkit is available on the Provost’s Office website. Designed to provide you with information and resources for recruitment, it summarises recent research, collects best practice from across North America and provides a range of resources for searches and search committees.  The information is constantly being updated and revised to reflect the changes in this growing field.