Employee Experience Survey Results Now Available

PDAD&C #65, 2006-07


To: All Faculty and Staff

Vivek Goel, Vice President and Provost
Angela Hildyard, Vice President, HR and Equity

Date: June 12, 2007
Re:: Employee Experience Survey: Results Now Available

Dear Colleagues,

Many of you will have participated in the Speaking UP: Employee Experience Survey conducted in October 2006. In the next few days, if you were eligible to participate in the survey, you will receive a brochure with a summary of the results.

Participation rates were very good for a survey of this size: just over 52% of eligible faculty and staff completed the survey, and we received over 8500 comments.

Our thanks to everyone who participated in the survey. If you have comments or questions about the survey or the results, please send an email to speakingup.survey@utoronto.ca.

In order to ensure a wide distribution of this message, we would ask you to forward this e-mail to your staff.