International Strategic Opportunities Program launched by the Ministry of Research and Innovation

PDAD&C #48, 2006-07


FROM: John Challis
DATE:  March 2, 2007
RE:   International Strategic Opportunities Program launched by the Ministry of Research and Innovation

The Ministry of Research and Innovation announced the launch of the International Strategic Opportunities Program (ISOP).  This new program provides funding for strategic international collaborations between Ontario research institutions and the global research community. The goal of the program is to improve Ontario’s long-term economic potential by attracting and retaining the best and brightest research talent.

The five-year program will provide successful applicants with up to $150,000 in funding over three years, for new strategic international collaborations.  The funding is not intended to fund research activities, but to build and manage early-stage research partnerships and coordinate the management of research grant proposals and international workshops. Priority will be given to collaborations with researchers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, China and India.  There will be no formal call for proposals for ISOP.  Completed applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Funds received through this program can be spent on:

  • consortia project management, including coordination and administration costs  and management of research grant proposals
  • missions to develop or expand research links in target sectors
  • travel, including research exchange programs and hospitality costs for networking
  • planning, coordinating and/or participating in international workshops, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and meetings to deliver information on best practises and international links
  • publishing the proceeding associated with the above activities

The program will generally fund up to 50% of the eligible costs on a one-time basis, with the balance coming as cash or in-kind contributions from non-Ontario government sources.

For further information about ISOP, please refer to the Ministry's website at Please address any questions to MayLiza Baak of the GRIP Office (