Connaught International Symposia Competition

PDAD&C #40, 2006-07


To: Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
From: Judith Chadwick, Program Director - Connaught Fund
Date: February 15, 2007
Re: Connaught International Symposia Competition

Further to Vice-President John Challis’ memo of August 18th regarding Connaught Fund programs for 2006-2007, this is a reminder that the deadline for the Connaught International Symposia/Colloquia program is March 15, 2007.

The purpose of this program is to further enhance and share knowledge in areas of international significance and to advance the international profile of the University of Toronto. This program is designed to help support one-off "special events".

The proposed event must:

  • be international in terms of scholarly/scientific significance and attendance
  • include the meaningful involvement of University of Toronto graduate students
  • be taking place within two years of this program deadline
  • be on or within close proximity to a University of Toronto campus

Financial contributions from the host Department and/or Faculty as well as an external sponsor are also required. Requests for support of the following are not supported:

  • regular/routine meetings of established scholarly or professional organizations
  • recurring conferences or satellite conferences linked to established societies
  • conferences based on pre-contracted publications (meetings specifically organized to discuss contributions to a publication)

Such events are considered only if a strong argument can be mounted that the proposed event is in some way unique or exceptional in terms of the impact at the UofT.

The number and size of the Connaught Symposia grants awarded will depend on the nature and quality of the proposals received, the international reputation of the applicant(s) in their field, and the level of divisional/external funding provided for each

For 2005/06, of 28 proposals received, 17 events (or 61%) were supported. The total dollar value of requests was $266,718, and $98,500 (or 37%) was awarded.

Please bring this program information to the attention of eligible faculty in your academic unit. Questions can be addressed to Christopher McGugan, Programs Assistant to the Connaught Committee at (416) 946-3572 or e-mail: