Professor John Challis

PDAD&C #39, 2006-07


Date: February 09, 2007
From: David Naylor, President
Re: Professor John Challis, Vice President – Research & Associate Provost

Professor John Challis, Vice President - Research and Associate Provost, has advised me of his interest in returning to a full-time research and teaching role. Professor Challis has maintained a highly successful research program during his four years as Vice President - a position he assumed immediately after serving three years as founding director of the Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Prior to leading that national Institute, Vice President Challis served a very successful term as Chair of the Department of Physiology at the University of Toronto. At this point, Professor Challis wishes to step back from administration to intensify his research activities. I have therefore accepted his resignation as Vice President - Research, effective June 30, 2007. After an administrative leave, Professor Challis will return to his role as a Professor in the Department of Physiology.

The Provost and I are grateful for John Challis's contributions as an ambassador for scholarship and research at the University. Among the highlights of John's term are clarifications of the policy framework for university research, numerous innovations in research administration, and sound stewardship of a portfolio of research and research-related activities that is much larger and substantially more complex than any other Canadian university. Please join me in wishing Professor Challis well and thanking him for his work on the University's behalf.