Review of Scholarly Publishing

PDAD&C #34, 2006-07

From: Vivek Goel, Vice-President and Provost
Date:  December 15, 2006
CC: The Bulletin
RE: Review of Scholarly Publishing at the University of Toronto Press

With the encouragement of the Board of the University of Toronto Press and its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. John Yates, I have commissioned a review of Scholarly Publishing at the University of Toronto Press. This is seen as critical input to the development of its operations and future direction. The last review of Scholarly Publishing was completed in 1995.  The business elements of Scholarly Publishing are not part of this review since the UTP Board has reviewed the operations and strategies of the business units under its purview, including those of Scholarly Publishing. 

The University wishes to examine how well Scholarly Publishing is fulfilling its mission to “publish the results of scholarly research nationally and worldwide to standards that maintain a high international reputation, thus advancing the University of Toronto’s role as Canada’s leading institution of higher education and enhancing its stature.”

We are conducting an internal review of Scholarly Publishing at the U of T Press as a first step; subsequently a group of external reviewers will be invited to give their appraisal.  Members of the internal review committee are:

  • Professor Edith Hillan (Chair), Vice-Provost, Academic
  • Professor William Bowen, Chair, Department of Humanities, UTSC
  • Professor Paul Gooch, President, Victoria University
  • Professor Linda Hutcheon, Department of English
  • Professor David Klausner, Vice-Dean, Interdisciplinary, Faculty of Arts and Science;
  • Professor Jens Erik Mai, Faculty of Information Studies
  • Dr. Tim McTiernan, Assistant Vice-President, Research
  • Professor Cheryl Misak, Acting Vice-President and Principal, UTM
  • Ms Carole Moore, Chief Librarian
  • Professor Mayo Moran, Dean, Faculty of Law

The terms of reference for the review are posted on the Vice-President and Provost Web site.  More information about the U of T Press and its Scholarly Publishing activities can be found on its website:

The Committee welcomes comments and suggestions from interested persons.  These should be submitted before February 15, 2007 to Rosanne Lopers-Sweetman, Director, Special Projects, c/o Office of the Provost, Room 225, Simcoe Hall, 27 King’s College Circle, University of Toronto (;) ph. 416-978-8994; Fax 416-978-3939).