Guidelines on Using Research Subjects

PDAD&C #3, 2006-07


TO: Principals, Deans, Academic Directors & Chairs
FROM: Angela Hildyard, Vice President Human Resources & Equity
Edith Hillan, Vice Provost, Academic
DATE: July 19, 2006
RE: Guidelines and Procedures Regarding Access to University of Toronto Faculty, Students and Staff as Research Subjects

The Offices of the Vice President Human Resources & Equity and the Office of the Vice President and Provost receive two kinds of research requests for access to students, staff and faculty at the University. First, researchers may ask for access to data held by the University about students, staff or faculty. Second, requests may be made for staff or faculty to participate in research projects. The guidelines attached are to ensure that, as part of the process of ethical review, permission is properly granted by the relevant office before information is released and/or before staff or faculty are approached to participate, and to ensure that the proposed research does not conflict with the research plans of the University or its academic/administrative units. In addition, a Confidentiality Agreement will be required to protect the anonymity of faculty, staff or students involved in research projects, to prevent the use of data or information collected for commercial purposes and to ensure that any research follows relevant University of Toronto policy.

Requests for students to participate in research projects should continue to be made at the department/faculty level, following established procedures. The attached guidelines refer only to access to student data (e.g. ROSI).

Academic/administrative units may also conduct studies on their faculty, staff and students for ongoing quality assurance purposes and academic planning. In order to prevent scheduling conflict or over-surveying of faculty and staff, we ask that the appropriate office is notified of these plans. This will assist in the evaluation of the plans of researchers to ensure that they do not conflict with the planning processes of the administrative/academic units.

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