Search Committee

PDAD&C #25, 2006-07


Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
Professionals and Managers
David Naylor, President
Louis R. Charpentier, Secretary of the Governing Council
DATE:November 3, 2006
Search Committee Principles and Practices

We have enclosed for your reference a document entitled Search Committee Principles and Practices. These guidelines, which we prepared in consultation with the Provost and with the advice of Principals and Deans, are intended to assist in search processes for academic and senior non-academic administrators. They may also be useful, at least in part, in a variety of search processes. With that in mind, we agreed to distribute the document broadly within the University and have posted it at below:

University of Toronto Search Committe Principles and Practices

A work in progress, Principles and Practices is meant as a guideline and is expected to evolve over time with experience and periodic evaluation. Your feedback will be welcome at any time.