Multi Year Agreement

PDAD&C #21, 2006-07

From: Vivek Goel, Vice-President and Provost
Date: October 12, 2006 
RE: Multi-Year Agreement with the Provincial Government 

The Multi-Year Agreement (MYA)  has been introduced by the Ministry as a mechanism that would inform the government about the plans and the initiatives undertaken in post-secondary institutions to improve quality and enhance student experience.  It also asks institutions to identify appropriate indicators relating to various aspects of university activities and student life.

Click here for the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities background document
Multi-Year Agreement for Universities for 2006-07 to 2008-09

The draft of a Multi-Year Agreement (MYA) for the University of Toronto to be submitted to the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities is linked below.  The activities described in the draft MYA for the University of Toronto are based on Stepping Up plans and the initiatives identified through that process.  They include divisional initiatives that have been prepared in response to Stepping Up, some of which have been funded through the Academic Initiatives Fund or the Student Experience Fund.

The University of Toronto has been a pioneer among Canadian universities in preparing and publishing a Performance Indicators report as part of our accountability to Governing Council and to the public at large.  Our experience in this regard has informed the preparation of this document.

All the activities described in the document are consistent with existing policies and practices.  The document does not contain any commitments that are not already part of our plans going forward.  Also, the projections included for measures that have significant financial implications, in particular those dealing with faculty and staff hiring, are contingent on the University receiving resources that meet our current budget assumptions.

The draft MYA is being presented to the University community for consultation.  I would like to request that you bring this explanatory memorandum and the draft MYA to the attention of all faculty and staff in your unit. 

Click here for the pdf version of the document:
Draft of the University of Toronto Multi-Year Agreement (MYA)

Comments regarding the draft University of Toronto submission may be submitted on the online form below or sent to Ms. Marny Scully, either by email at or in hard copy at Simcoe Hall, no later than 31 October, 2006.