96 Science Outreach Roundtable

PDAD&C #96, 2005-06


To: Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
From: John R.G. Challis, Vice-President, Research and Associate Provost
Date: March 23, 2006
Re: Science Outreach Roundtable

The Office of the Vice-President, Research and Associate Provost, will be hosting a roundtable discussion for University individuals either already coordinating or interested in coordinating science outreach activities. The purpose of the meeting is:

  • To exchange information about existing programs, ideally through brief handouts.
  • To identify best practices which have made such programs successful
  • To identify challenges and problems these programs may face
  • To seek solutions, additional sources of funding etc.
  • To discuss how these programs can be better coordinated. For example, could we have one-stop web portal advertising these programs?
  • Are there better ways to extend our programs to underserved groups?
  • Are there any partnerships that we should form?

The details are as follows:

April 19, 2006

4pm to 6pm

Governing Council Chamber, Simcoe Hall

27 King’s College Circle

Light refreshments will be provided.

Please copy this invitation to all faculty, staff, and students who might be interested. They may register at:


If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact José Sigouin, (416) 978-1706 or jose.sigouin@utoronto.ca