93 Collections Policies

PDAD&C #93, 2005 -2006


To: Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
From: John R.G. Challis, Vice-President, Research and Associate Provost
Date: March 21, 2006

Collections Policies


A committee has been formed to review the collections policies of the University of Toronto as they exist within separate Faculties and Departments with the aim of developing a Collections Policy for the entire University, with consideration specific to particular programs.

If your unit has policies dealing with collections, please forward a copy to José Sigouin at jose.sigouin@utoronto.ca by April 7th , 2006. For non-electronic copies, please make arrangements by calling 416 978 1706.

The membership of the committee consists of Professor Paul Thompson, Director, Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (Chair); Professor John Challis, Vice-President, Research and Associate Provost; Professor Marion Bogo (Social Work); Professor John Coleman, Vice-Principal, Research and Graduate Studies, UTSC; Professor Avrum Gotlieb, Chair, Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology; Professor Allan Griffin (Physics); Professor Timothy Harrison (Near and Middle Eastern Civilization); Professor Edith Hillan, Vice-Provost, Academic; Professor Ulrich Krull, Vice-Principal, Research, UTM; Professor Trevor Levere (Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology); Professor Peter Lewis, Vice-Dean, Research, Medicine; Professor Scott Mabury, Chair, Chemistry; Professor Heather Miller (Anthropology, UTM); Dr. Dan Rahimi, Executive Director, Gallery Development, Royal Ontario Museum; Professor Keren Rice (Linguistics); Professor Dan Schulze (Geology, UTM); Professor Krystyna Sieciechowicz (Anthropology); Mr. Mahadeo Sukhai, PhD Student, Department of Medical Biophysics; Ms Garron Wells, University Archivist; Ms Liz Wylie, University of Toronto Art Curator; Mr Neil Dobbs, Deputy Secretary, Governing Council representative; Ms José Sigouin, Manager, Research Information Analysis (Secretary to the Committee).