8 Director International Research and Development

PDAD&C #8, 2005-06


To:               Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs; Simcoe Hall
From:     Vivek Goel, Acting President
Date:        August 31, 2005
Re:        Director, International Research and Development

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Dana Sheikh has been retained on a contract as the Director, International Research and Development.  Dr. Sheikh has an extensive background as a consultant in the area of post-secondary education policy and administration, including involvement in the international arena.   She has a PhD (Theory and Policy of Post-Secondary Education; Adult Education) from OISE/UT, an MA (Adult Education, Methodology) from University of Toronto, an MLS (eq.) from the University of Wales, and a BA (Modern Languages & Literature) from the University of Wales & University of Vienna.

Dr. Sheikh is located in Suite 1015, 170 St. George Street (Medical Arts Building) and can be reached at 946-8969 or dana.sheikh@utoronto.ca.