69 Departure of Rona Abramovitch Director TYP

PDAD&C#69, 2005-06

From: Vivek Goel, Vice-President and Provost
Date: January 16, 2006
Re: Departure of Rona Abramovitch, Director, TYP

It is with mixed feelings that I announce that Professor Rona Abramovitch will be leaving the University of Toronto in order to take up a new position at Ryerson University where she will be working on issues of access, outreach and community connections.  She will be stepping down as the Director of the Transitional Year Programme (TYP) effective June 30, 2006.

Professor Abramovitch began her career as a developmental psychologist at the University of Toronto at Mississauga in 1974.  Her areas of research included peer interaction, sibling relations, children's understanding of the legal system, and their experiences with the Canadian youth justice system, and children's capacity to consent to research participation.

Since 1997 she has served as the Director, TYP. Under the directorship of Professor Abramovitch TYP has continued to move forward, building linkages within the University as well as expanding opportunities for access.

Professor Abramovitch's leadership style is one that embodies the core values of TYP itself.  Her personal commitment to the faculty, staff and students of TYP is manifested regularly in her assistance with their challenges and support of their accomplishments.

Professor Abramovitch has had a lengthy career at the University of Toronto and has been an outstanding university citizen throughout.  In addition to her role as Director, TYP she is also currently serving as the Provost's Advisor on Outreach and Access.  She has previously served as the Status of Women Officer, the Provost's Advisor on Proactive Faculty Recruitment and Acting Principal, Woodsworth College.   In addition, she was instrumental in establishing the Positive Space campaign, has worked on developing student financial aid programs, career development, employment equity and many other initiatives.  Professor Abramovitch's impact has been felt across the University by students, staff and faculty.  Her career at the University of Toronto is a profound testament to her commitment to advancing the cause of equity, diversity and inclusion.

I would like to sincerely thank her for her years of service and her many contributions to the University of Toronto and wish her well in her new role at Ryerson.