5b Connaught Competitions and Deadlines in 2005 2006

PDAD&C #5b, 2005-06


To:         Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
From:    Judith Chadwick, Program Director, Connaught Fund
Date:      August 18, 2005
Re:        Connaught Competitions and Deadlines in 2005-2006 

As you may know, Connaught Fund programs continue to provide an important source of research support to faculty and graduate students at the University of Toronto.  Therefore,  I am pleased to provide you with information on upcoming programs and deadlines, including some program changes to the New Staff Matching and Research Fellowships programs.  Please disseminate this information to interested members of your academic unit.  Full guidelines and application forms are available on our website at: http://www.rir.utoronto.ca/connaught/

Graduate Student Scholarships
Each year, a portion of the Connaught Committee's annual expenditure budget is transferred to the School of Graduate Studies for the attraction and support of excellent graduate students.  No separate application is required beyond the standard application for admission to the Graduate School.  To be considered for Connaught support, applications should be received by January 2006.  Further information may be obtained from the Fellowships and Loans Office at SGS, 978-8576.

Start-up Grants for New Tenured and Tenure-Stream Faculty The purpose of these grants, valued at $10,000, is to help meet some of the immediate costs of initiating research.  The Connaught Start-Up Grant is awarded to all new tenured and tenure-stream faculty appointees regardless of professorial rank.  Application must be received within one year of the faculty member’s appointment start date at the University of Toronto.  The establishment of a grant account in the name of the new faculty member is contingent on him/her submitting to the relevant department head a research plan that the division head deems worthy of support from the Connaught Fund.  Departments may send advance notification of new tenure-stream or tenured appointments to the Connaught Secretariat to facilitate the process.

New Staff Matching Grants (please note program changes, in bold)
Deadline:  December 1, 2005

These grants are awarded on a competitive basis to tenure-stream appointees at the Assistant Professor level who are within the first five years of their first full-time academic appointment at the University of Toronto at the time of the competition deadline.  In addition to tenure-stream appointees, other junior faculty (e.g. contractually limited term appointees and certain status-only appointees) will be considered eligible if they have the support of the Chair of the appropriate University department and the Dean.  An essential element of any submission is evidence of having obtained or a commitment to seek external research support at the earliest opportunity.

The purpose of these grants is to assist new faculty members in establishing research programs to increase their competitiveness for outside funding.  Successful applicants will receive Connaught funding under the following new matching terms:

-       Awards of up to $10,000 do not require a match.
-       Awards in excess of $10,000 require a matching contribution by the applicant’s department or faculty.  This matching contribution must be equal to at least half of the Connaught award amount that exceeds $10,000.  For example, the maximum Connaught award of $30,000 would require a match of $10,000 (half of $20,000).

The Committee reserves the right to award less than the amount requested, in instances where the Committee feels that the project can proceed with a reduced budget.

Departmental funds considered eligible for the match are dollars allocated from the department's operating budget, or other discretionary funds, in support of direct costs of the applicant's research. "In-kind" support, such as release-time or access to departmental infrastructure, and funds paid to the applicant as salary are not eligible.

The Committee will have approximately $1M to allocate through this program.  Last year, 100 proposals were received across all disciplines and 45 applications or 45% were funded.  The total dollar value of requests was $2,549,451and $1,012,523 (or 40%) was awarded.

The deadline for this program is December 1, 2005.  (Departments and faculties may wish to set their own internal deadlines in advance of December 1 to produce the required letter of support from the Chair, as well as to obtain the Dean’s signature.  Faculty of Medicine applicants must submit their applications to the office of the Vice-Dean, Research by November 24, 2005).  Funds will be released to successful applicants after May 1, 2006.

Please note that individuals who were unsuccessful in their first application to this program, and who continue to meet all eligibility criteria, are permitted to reapply once.

Connaught Research Fellowships in the Social Sciences, and Chancellor Jackman Research Fellowships in the Humanities

(please note that the same information given in the attached PDF file shows program changes in bold)

Deadline:  October 1, 2005

Connaught and Chancellor Jackman Research Fellowships are prestigious awards that support and enhance important areas of research, and increase the University's social scientist and humanist scholars' competitiveness for external funding.  Fellowships are awarded either as:

-       Teaching and administrative release time for a period of six months during which the Committee intends that the Fellow would be released from teaching and, to the greatest extent possible, administrative duties so that he/she may concentrate solely on the project for which this prestigious Fellowship is awarded.  Successful applicants will receive full salary for the six months of the Connaught Fellowship award, and an additional $5,000 which may be taken as a research grant or stipend.  Departments will be provided with $40,000 towards the cost of a teaching replacement for the Fellow.


-       A research grant of $35,000 with an additional $10,000 to be spent at the discretion of the Fellow’s departmental Chair to create new teaching materials and/or help defray the costs of increased teaching or administrative duties.  The term of the award will be two years.  It is anticipated that this award will not be used to reduce the awardee’s teaching or administrative duties.  The successful applicant will continue to teach a normal course load.

Each year the Committee will award up to four Fellowships in the humanities and, where available funding and compelling applications coincide, up to eight Jackman Fellowships in the social sciences.  The application deadline for Fellowships to be taken up in the 2006-07 academic year is October 1, 2005.

The McLean Award
Deadline:  January 16, 2006

This highly competitive award of $100,000 and the honorary title of McLean Senior Fellow is made once annually to an outstanding researcher who is within 12 years of his or her Ph.D. and who is conducting basic research in any of the following fields:  physics, chemistry computer science, mathematics, the engineering sciences, or the theory and methods of statistics.  The purpose of the award is to provide the recipient with extraordinary support relatively early in his or her career to assist in the recruitment and support of excellent graduate students and post-doctoral fellows as members of the research team. Funds awarded may be spent only on financial support of the student and post-doctoral members of the research team.

Grants for International Colloquia/Symposia
Deadlines:  October 3, 2005 and March 15, 2006

The purpose of the International Colloquia/Symposia program is to further enhance and share knowledge in areas of international significance and to advance the international profile of the University of Toronto.  Submissions for proposed events must be interdisciplinary in focus, international in terms of scholarly/scientific significance and attendance, include the meaningful involvement of graduate students, and be on or within close proximity to a University of Toronto campus.  Financial contributions from the host department and/or faculty as well as an external sponsor are also required.

This program is primarily intended to help support one-off "special" events.  Requests for support of regular/routine meetings of established scholarly or professional organizations or recurring events are less likely to be supported.  Similarly, requests for support of satellite conferences linked to established societies, or conferences based on pre-contracted publications, are less likely to be supported.  The number and size of the Connaught Symposia grants awarded will depend on the nature and quality of the proposals received and the level of divisional/external funding provided for each.  The Committee has allocated approximately $50K to each of this year’s competition.  Normally awards do not exceed $10K.  Events must take place within two years of the application deadline.

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Again, further information regarding the Connaught Fund, the Connaught Committee, as well as guidelines and application forms for the programs described above, are available on our website at:
http://www.rir.utoronto.ca/connaught/ .

For assistance with the Start-up Grants and New Staff Matching Grants please contact:
        Christopher McGugan, Programs Assistant
        Connaught Committee
        Room 5, Simcoe Hall
        978-3572 or christopher.mcgugan@utoronto.ca

For all other programs, please contact:
       Jill Stock, Programs Assistant
       Connaught Committee
       Room 5, Simcoe Hall
       978-6475 or connaught.secretariat@utoronto.ca

We look forward to providing support to an array of excellent research initiatives in the coming year.

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