45 Update on Childcare Provisions at the University of Toronto

PDAD&C # 45, 2005-06


To: Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
From: Edith Hillan, Vice-Provost, Academic
Date: November 29, 2005
Re: Update on Childcare Provisions at the University of Toronto


During our current recruitment drive, the University recognises that many of those who will be starting academic careers with us may have young families and childcare needs.  The University is committed to assisting with childcare concerns and recognises that for some this may be a central recruitment issue.  We offer both onsite childcare and in addition have contracted with Kids + Company for full-time and emergency back-up childcare.

Prospective faculty members should be referred to the Family Care Office and Faculty Relocation Service (416 978 0951) at any time for confidential childcare information including on- and off-campus services, licensed home-care providers, nannies and any other concerns that may arise around childcare.  Childcare information can also be provided early in the search process if the prospective candidate receives an appointment with Faculty Relocation Service during their interview visit.

While the University is diligent in assisting new faculty members with childcare arrangements, we cannot guarantee childcare spaces for faculty.  The on-campus childcare centres are available to students, staff and faculty, and waiting lists are long.  For prospective faculty with young children who are seriously considering joining the University, it would be prudent that they are informed of their childcare options as early as possible.  They may even wish to place their names on waiting lists for childcare centres while still negotiating their offer with the University.

Below, we detail the childcare centres on the St. George and Scarborough campus with appropriate contact details and approximate waiting list information.

Location Phone # Age Group Waiting List
St. George Campus
Campus & Community Cooperative Day Centre
416.946.0875 3 months to 5 years 12 months
University of Toronto Childcare Centre on Charles 416.415.5000 ext 2604 Newborn to 6 years 12 months
University of Toronto Early Learning Centre 416.978.6725 Newborn to 5 years 18-24 months depending on child's age
Scarborough Campus
N'sheemaehn Child Care Centre
416.287.7624  Newborn to 5 years 12 months

In addition, the University has a corporate relationship with Kids + Company, a private licensed day care which offers both full-time childcare as well as emergency backup childcare for infants through to 13 years old.  They have a number of sites across Toronto and Scarborough.  For a complete description of the service they offer and their site locations, please visit their website at www.kidsandcompany.ca.  The company will guarantee a chidcare spot with six months notice.

If there are individual cases which require further discussion, please contact:

Kaye Francis
Director Family Care Office and Faculty Relocation Service 

Mary Jane Dundas
Special Assistant to the Vice President, Human Resources & Equity 

Sara-Jane Finlay
Director Faculty Renewal, Office of the Vice-President and Provost