38 Call for Nominations Membership on Arts Council

PDAD&C #38, 2005-06


From: Vivek Goel, Vice-President and Provost
Date November 11, 2005
Re Call for Nominations - Membership on Arts Council


One of the objectives of Stepping UP which related to interdisciplinary teaching and research was the development of greater focus and synergy among the visual and performing arts at the University. 

Over the past six months a number of initiatives have been undertaken in support of the arts.  I have had informal discussions with a number of academic program and facility administrators who expressed interest in more coordination of arts initiatives on our three campuses. Funds were applied to a cultural mapping of the University's arts landscape, to capture data about the venues, academic programs and departments, as well as student clubs and activities.

In October we published a full-page ad in the Globe and Mail and launched a website devoted to the University's arts and cultural activities as initial means to bring wider attention to the variety of programming at the University of Toronto's three campuses (www.arts.utoronto.ca). A very successful "Celebration of the Arts" was held on November 6 in conjunction with the installation of President David Naylor which profiled the array of arts programs at the U of T.  As the next stage in furthering this Stepping UP objective, I am writing now to call for nominations of individuals to serve on a new body, the University of Toronto Arts Council, and/or one of its Working Groups.  The general mandate of the Council is to provide advice about the structures and strategies to support collaborations among programs in visual and performing arts, to further increase their visibility in the community, to attract funding to them and create dynamic and important partnerships with cultural organizations in Toronto. The Arts Councilwill comprise academic leaders in studies of drama, music, fine art,film/media, and architecture, and student representative(s) from among the student clubs and activities in the visual and performing arts. The Arts Council will be supported by two Working Groups: the Academic Working Group, to be chaired by the Dean of the Faculty of Music, and the Extra/Co-Curricular Working Group, to be chaired by the Warden of Hart House. The membership of the Working Groups will include members of the Arts Council, as well as individuals identified as being able to make particular contributions to the relevant Working Group.  The proposed terms of reference for the Arts Council are to:

  • Facilitate the collaboration and synergy amongst the arts programs at U of T;
  • Facilitate interaction for arts faculty and students on campus;
  • Provide a forum for communication amongst the division heads on arrange of topics relevant to arts programming, on common concerns and opportunities, and on University-wide issues;
  • Promote and facilitate interdisciplinary education across the arts and across the three campuses, including the development and delivery of interdisciplinary education initiatives, optimizing educational resources and expertise, and supporting collaborations among arts faculty;
  • Develop common policies, guidelines and practices as appropriate for education, research and community outreach in the arts;
  • Monitor and develop educational and experiential opportunities for students in arts communities locally and internationally;
  • Raise the U of T's arts profile, and raise awareness in the surrounding community of the depth and breadth of the U of T's arts activity;
  • Increase the understanding of non-students and prospective students about arts programs and activities available at the University of Toronto;
  • Act as a liaison with municipal, provincial and federal arts organizations in promoting the arts and collaborating on events wherever feasible or possible;
  • Improve opportunities for partnerships with cultural organizations in the GTA;
  • Advise the Vice-President and Provost on issues affecting arts education and research; and
  • Advise the President and the Vice-Presidents on federal and provincial government initiatives as they relate to arts research, education and community outreach.

The Arts Council is expected to meet bi-monthly during the course of the academic year, with the Working Groups meeting on alternate months. The work of the Council will be administratively supported by the Director, Special Projects, in the Office of the Provost, who will also serve as secretariat for the Council.

Comments and nominations for membership on the Arts Council, the Academic Working Group or the Extra/Co-Curricular Working Group should be sent to Rosanne Lopers-Sweetman, Director, Special Projects, r.lopers.sweetman@utoronto.ca by November 23, 2005.