3 Transition Period

PDAD&C #3, 2005-06


To:            Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs                                                         Simcoe Hall
From:       Vivek Goel, Vice-President and Provost
Date:          July 11, 2005
Re:            Transition Period

I am writing with regards to the arrangements that are in place during my Acting Presidency (July 1, 2005 – September 30, 2005).  

President’s Office

Bryn MacPherson-White is Acting Director, Office of the President and as such is the senior administrative contact person for matters affecting the Presidential portfolio.  Chris Cunningham continues in his role as Special Assistant to the President.  Melanie Waring-Chapman is the Acting Associate Director, University Events and Assistant to the Chancellor, and Grace Tang (Acting) University Events Coordinator. In addition, Meredith Strong has been seconded from the Office of the Vice-President, Research to provide further support to the Office of the President.  Heather McKay continues to serve in a temporary capacity as receptionist.

I am pleased to announce that Kate Andrew will be joining the office as Special Assistant, providing senior level administrative and personal support to David Naylor.  Kate has most recently been the Secretary to the Dean in the Faculty of Medicine.

For all meeting requests prior to October 1, 2005, either Presidential or Provostial related, please contact my Executive Secretary, Erika Bailey, at 978-2122 or provost@utoronto.ca.  For meeting requests post-October 1, 2005 with President Designate David Naylor, please contact president@utoronto.ca, or 978-2121.

On matters related to the Presidential portfolio, please continue to send your correspondence to the President’s Office (Room 206, Simcoe Hall) or electronically to president@utoronto.ca.  All material will be monitored and brought to my attention on a daily basis.

On matters related to the Provostial portfolio, please continue to send your correspondence to the Provost’s Office (Room 225, Simcoe Hall) or electronically to provost@utoronto.ca.

Government Relations

While I will be providing overarching leadership in the area of government relations, as was already indicated, Cathy Riggall, Vice-President, Business Affairs, is the Acting Vice-President, Government and Institutional Relations, for the purpose of administrative oversight and reporting of that portfolio for the transition period.  In addition, Ken Snowdon of Snowden & Associates Inc. has been engaged as a consultant and will serve as Special Advisor to the President on Government Relations.

On matters related to the Government and Institutional Relations portfolio, please contact Liz Finney, Director of Government Liaison at 946-0695, liz.finney@utoronto.ca or Heather Driscoll, Director, Office of Operations at 978-7508, heather.driscoll@utoronto.ca.  Please continue to send your correspondence to Room 216, Simcoe Hall or electronically to gir@utoronto.ca.  


Rivi Frankle is serving as Acting Vice-President and Chief Advancement Officer and Avon MacFarlane is Acting Assistant Vice-President, University Advancement.  Specific delegation of particular responsibilities will be assigned as appropriate.

On matters related to the Advancement portfolio, please continue to direct your correspondence to the Office of the Chief Advancement Officer, 27 King’s College Circle.  For meetings please contact Diamando Plevritis, Executive Secretary, at 978-2125.

Further Information

If you have any questions about these arrangements or you require any additional direction, please contact either Sheree Drummond, Assistant Provost (978-6194, sheree.drummond@utoronto.ca) or Bryn MacPherson-White, Acting Director, Office of the President (946-5848, bryn.macpherson.white@utoronto.ca).

During the coming months we will be working with the President Designate to develop a permanent staffing plan for the Office of the President.  In the meantime we thank you in advance for your patience and support.