28 Review of Victoria College

PDAD&C#28, 2005-06


FROM: Paul Gooch, President, Victoria University


October 21, 2005
Re: REVIEW OF VICTORIA COLLEGE,  Victoria University in the University of Toronto

The current term of the Principal of Victoria College ends on 30 June 2006.  In accordance with the by-laws of the Board of Regents of Victoria University and the Memorandum of Agreement with the University of Toronto (1998), the President has appointed a committee to review the College.   The Committee is asked to assess the chief current strengths and opportunities of Victoria College, and to comment on the challenges facing the College in realizing its aspirations and plans in the Stepping Up process.  The primary object of the review is to make key recommendations for the College’s future directions and activities in the next five years.

The committee is to consult widely with faculty, student and administrative members of the College and Victoria University, and with deans, chairs and members of the University of Toronto.


  • Professor Paul Gooch, President, Victoria University (Chair)
  • Professors Eric Jennings (Victoria, History)
  • Heather Murray (Victoria, English)
  • Ricardo Sternberg (Victoria, Spanish & Portuguese and Comparative Literature)
  • Professor Peter Wyatt, Principal, Emmanuel College
  • Mr. Luke Pollard (Board of Regents)
  • Ms. Mary Lou Tigert (Board of Regents)
  • Mr. Brian Clow (President, VUSAC)
  • Ms. Katie Daniels ( student member, Victoria College Council, Senate)
  • Ms Martha Drake (Alumni Affairs and University Advancement)
  • Professor Edith Hillan, Vice-Provost Academic, U of T
  • Professor Susan Howson, Vice-Dean, Arts & Science, U of T
  • Ms Gillian Pearson, Executive Assistant to the President (Secretary to the Committee).

Submissions by mid-November from members of Victoria College and the Victoria community, and from members of the University of Toronto, are welcome.   The terms of reference for the Committee are available on request.  Please contact the Secretary of the Committee at the Office of the President, Victoria University, Northrop Frye Hall, or at vic.president@utoronto.ca.