24 Open meetings to discuss the selection of a new Learning Management System

PDAD&C #24, 2005-06


To: Principals, Directors, Academic Directors and Chairs
From: Vivek Goel, Vice-President and Provost
Date: October 7, 2005
Re: Open meetings to discuss the selection of a new Learning Management System


As you may know, The Resource Centre for Academic Technology (RCAT) and its advisory committee are in the process of selecting a new Learning Management System. In the interest of keeping the University community informed about this very important process, I ask that you please pass the following message on to your faculty members.

Last winter, RCAT asked for faculty participation in an institution-wide survey to assess the University's needs. After reviewing the results of the survey, they invited a number of vendors to demonstrate their systems to the community.  Based on feedback from those sessions and the recommendation of the RCAT Advisory Committee, on August 23rd, 2005, the University of Toronto released a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) to selected vendors. RCAT and its advisory committee will be evaluating their proposals between September 21st until November 30th.  A contract is expected to be awarded to one or more of the vendors in December, 2005.

In order to keep the University community informed about the selection process, during the evaluation period, the Director of RCAT will be holding open meetings on all three campuses. These meetings will give faculty and staff a chance to ask questions about the RFP process, see what a Learning Management System can do, and volunteer to be part of a final focus group to assess the systems under consideration before the RCAT Advisory Committee makes its recommendation.

I would appreciate it if you would take note of the dates and participate in one of these meetings if possible. The choice of a new system or systems has the potential to affect teaching at the University for the next few years.

Open, public meetings are scheduled for the following dates:

A&S information session
Oct 12th, 2-3 p.m.
Room 4049
4th floor Robarts Library

UTM open meeting 
Monday Oct 17th 3-4 p.m.
Fireside Lounge, room 2068B

UTSC open meeting
Wednesday Oct 19th   3-4 pm in
Room AC-221

ST George open meeting
Thursday Oct 20th - 3-4 pm
Room 4049
4th floor Robarts Library

Focus group
Nov 2nd  9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
RCAT e-classrooms Rooms 4055 and 4057
Robarts library, 4th floor

The meeting agenda is as follows:

  • What is a Learning Management System? 
  • Why are we selecting a new system? 
  • What have we done to ensure we have faculty input in the selection process? 
  • The top seven things you can do with a Learning Management System. 
  • Open discussion - questions and comments 
  • Sign up to be part of a final focus group to give us your input before the RCAT advisory committee makes its recommendation for a new system

For more information about the Learning Management System selection process,
please contact:

Linda Murphy-Boyer
Director, RCAT

Or see the RCAT website: http://www.utoronto.ca/cat/services/lms_rfp.html