15 Upcoming GRIP Deadline CFI Leaders Opportunity Fund

PDAD&C #15, 2005-06


To:               Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
From:     John Challis, VP-RAP
Date:        September 16, 2005
Re:        Upcoming GRIP Deadline - CFI Leaders Opportunity Fund


This is to re-affirm that the CFI has created a new program, the "Leaders Opportunity Fund" (LOF). The LOF essentially replaces the New Opportunities Fund. In addition, once the University has exhausted its CRC-CFI envelope, CRC nominees and CRC renewal candidates will also be eligible to apply for support under this fund.

Under the LOF program the eligibility restrictions have been loosened. The institution may submit an application at any of the 3 annual deadlines for prospective (recruitment) or existing (retention) faculty members.

The first internal deadline for LOF submissions is Monday October 3rd, 2005. The new LOF forms are now available in draft form at: http://www.innovation.ca/programs/index.cfm?websiteid=394.  The final version of these forms will be available for researchers to complete on the CFI website in late September. Until then, we recommend completing the application in a word processing document using the draft format and then copying and pasting the text into the web-form when it becomes available.

Please do not hesitate to contact Susan Tandy in the GRIP Office should you have any questions regarding GRIP programs or forms (susan.tandy@utoronto.ca or 416.946.3723).

We will write with further information regarding the LOF and UofT's approach to this revised funding opportunity shortly, but wanted you to provide with this preliminary information in consideration of candidates for whom a New Opportunities proposal had been planned for this fall.

Attached for your information is a table which summarizes the evolution of CFI programs, to assist you in distinguishing between such things as "NOFs" and "LOFs". 

 2006-2010 Program Allocations2006-2010 Program Allocations (16 KB)