106 University Professors and President's Teaching Award

PDAD&C#106, 2005-06


To: Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
From: Vivek Goel, Vice-President and Provost
Date: May 5, 2006
RE: University Professors & President's Teaching Award

I am pleased to advise you that at its meeting yesterday evening, the Academic Board approved the 2006-07 University Professors and the 2006-07 President's Teaching Award recipients.

President's Teaching Award

As you are aware, this is the inaugural year of the President's Teaching Award. The President's Teaching Award is designed to recognize faculty with a career commitment to teaching excellence. Recipients of a President's Teaching Award will be designated as a member of the Teaching Academy for a five-year period, at which time they are eligible for re-nomination. The following are the recipients of the President's Teaching Award for 2006-07:

  • Professor Ken Bartlett, Department of History, Faculty of Arts & Science
  • Professor John Percy, Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences, UTM
  • Professor Richard Reznick, Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine
  • Professor Keren Rice, Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Arts & Science
  • Professor Carol Rolheiser, Department of Curriculum, Teaching & Learning, OISE/UT

University Professors

The University recognizes unusual scholarly achievement and pre-eminence in a particular field of knowledge through the designation of University Professor. Under our Policy and Procedures on Academic Appointments, the number of such appointments should not exceed two per cent of the tenured faculty. The following are the 2006-07 University Professors:

  • Professor Geoffrey Hinton, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Arts & Science
  • Professor Trevor Levere, Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (IHPST), Faculty of Arts & Science

I would like to sincerely thank the members of both of the selection committees for their dedicated work in reviewing the many excellent nominations that were received. I also thank all of the nominators who prepared exceptional dossiers for submission.

Please join me in congratulating the 2006-07 University Professors and the 2006-07 President's Teaching Award recipients on their outstanding accomplishments.

Information about the University Professors is available on-line at:


and for the President's Teaching Award at: