103 Implementation of UTFA Salary and Benefits Award

 PDAD&C #103, 2005-06
From: Vivek Goel, Vice-President and Provost
Date: April 13, 2006
Re: Implementation of the UTFA Salary and Benefits Award

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As you know, we recently received the Report of the Dispute Resolution Panel with respect to the Arbitrated Award for Faculty and Librarians for 2005/06 and 2006/07 (PDAD&C #100).  The purpose of this memorandum is to outline some of the implementation issues for the retroactive component of the award and to identify some critical actions that you and your business officers will have to take to ensure timely implementation of this year’s increases. 

2005 Retroactive Salary

Business officers will be provided with detailed information regarding the implementation of the retroactive award.  There are two components to the award: the across-the-board (ATB) and progress-through-the-ranks (PTR) increases.  The 3.0% ATB increase will be applied for all Faculty and Librarians who were employed on June 30, 2005 automatically through HRIS.  However, it is essential that HRIS data be verified to ensure that this procedure works properly. 

For the retroactive PTR increase you will need to calculate the amount of the allocation for each faculty member other than those who were in the Senior Salary Group last year – for these individuals the additional PTR amount is included in the value of the awards which will be communicated separately.  There are two components to calculating the retroactive PTR award.  The share of the local award and the share of the 5% PTR merit pool award.  The Provost’s office will provide the share of the 5% merit award to the single-department faculty deans for those individuals who received awards last year, and the Deans of the multi-department faculties will provide the appropriate amounts for chairs and directors.   The local award share is calculated by prorating the additional PTR amount, net of the 5%, by last year’s award (fpr Professorial faculty this is $500 less 5%, which is $475). 

The calculation for each faculty member is as follows:

Individual 2005 PTR Award divided by the average 2005 PTR Pool amount multiplied by the additional PTR amount.

As an example, an above the break point professor who received a PTR award of $2000 would receive an additional local award of:

$2000/$1515 * $475 = $627

Table 1 provides the 2005 PTR pool amounts and the special merit amounts. 

Once the PTR amounts are calculated each faculty member should be provided a letter summarizing the changes to their salary including the additional PTR award, and 5% merit where applicable, and the ATB. 

It is essential that all of the relevant work is done and the data is verified for the May payroll run.  Business officers will be provided with a detailed workplan – please note that there are several critical dates in that workplan.

2006 Salary increases

The award provides a 3.25% ATB and an additional $500 for Professorial PTR for July 1, 2006. We cannot begin the process for implementing the July 2006 increases until the July 2005 retroactive changes are completed, since we need to determine who falls within which PTR pool. 

Revised annual salary increase instructions for this year are being released simultaneously with this memorandum.  There are substantial changes to the procedures, particularly with the elimination of the senior salary group.  Please review the document carefully. 

Professional Expense Reimbursement Account (PERA)

There is a retroactive increase from $775 to $900 for July 1, 2005.  The additional amount of $125 will be deposited directly into accounts this month.  As of July 1, 2006 the PERA will be $1000 per year. 

Stipend rate

The overload stipend rate for courses taught by faculty represented by UTFA has been increased to $12,500 retroactive to July 1, 2005.  Departments will have to review individual stipendiary contracts to ensure that this minimum rate was met.  It is also important to ensure that any agreements that you may already have entered into for spring teaching reflect this minimum rate.  Please note that this rate will increase by the ATB so that as of July 1, 2006 it will be $12,906.  Funding will be transferred to Divisions by the Planning and Budget office based on the amount of teaching stipends paid for this group of faculty that were below the new minimum. 

Lecturer Minimum Salary Rate

Effective July 1, 2005 the minimum salary for lecturers has been increased to $62,500.  Please ensure that all lecturers are at or above this level and that any agreements you have entered into reflect the new rate.  Keep in mind that this will also increase by the ATB.  Thus as of July 1, 2006 the minimum salary will be $64,500.

Extended Health Care Plan

The Award provides for inclusion of the services of a licensed optometrist, to a maximum of $250 every 24 months, effective July 1, 2006.  HR will provide further information regarding this benefit. 


The Award provides a number of provisions specific to librarians.  The Chief Librarian will be communicating with regards to the implementation of these provisions. 




Local Merit


Merit Less 5%





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