99 Graduation Education Task Force Final Report

PDAD&C #99, 2004-05


To:         Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs School of Graduate Studies
Staff School of Graduate Studies Council Graduate Students' Union
From:              Vivek Goel, Vice-President and Provost
Date:          June 20, 2005
Re:          Graduation Education Task Force - Final Report

In April 2004 the Graduate Education Task Force released a Discussion Paper that contained draft recommendations with the goals of strengthening the profile of graduate education, to assume meaningful student input at all levels of governance, and to increase effective engagement across Faculties, campuses and sites. At that time, the broader University community was invited to provide feedback to assist the Task Force in its deliberations. The feedback that was received provided clear support for the directions proposed by the Task Force in the Discussion Paper.

The Final Report of the Graduate Education Task Force is now available online at http://www.provost.utoronto.ca/English/Reports.html

Its recommendations are as follows:

1. Restructure and strengthen the SGS Dean's role. An appointment to a Vice-Provostial position should be presented to Governing Council for approval this academic year.

2. Establish a Graduate Education Co-ordinating Committee.

3. Through the Co-ordinating Committee, align governance functions to appropriately reflect Faculty and Graduate School responsibilities.

4. Through the Co-ordinating Committee, assess the appropriate level for graduate administrative functions: department, campus, training site, Faculty, SGS, or other central office.

We are proceeding with Recommendation 1 and will be moving forward on the other recommendations according to the proposed timetable outlined in the final report.

As was identified at the outset of this process, graduate education is a critical component of the University of Toronto's future. The Task Force is confident that its recommendations will further strengthen graduate education at the University of Toronto and in so doing advance our Stepping Up vision to be a leader among the world's best public teaching and research universities.