92 Appointment of Professor Sioban Nelson Dean Faculty of Nursing

PDAD&C #92, 2004-05


To:         Staff and Students of the Faculty of Nursing                                                             Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
From:          Vivek Goel, Vice-President and Provost
Date:     June 2, 2005
Re:           Appointment of Professor Sioban Nelson, Dean, Faculty of Nursing

I am pleased to announce that the Academic Board has approved the appointment of Professor Sioban Nelson as Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, effective November 1, 2005 and ending June 30, 2011.

Professor Nelson is currently Head of the School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Science at the University of Melbourne. She has her PhD from the Faculty of Humanities, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia in which she historicised the relationship between care of the sick, subjectivity and ethical practice. The monograph from this work, ‘A genealogy of care of the sick’, was published late 2000 by Nursing Praxis Press, Southsea Hants, UK. She is currently editor of the international journal, Nursing Inquiry (published by Blackwells, Oxford, UK).

In 1997 Professor Nelson was the recipient of a three-year postdoctoral fellowship awarded by the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences when she completed a history of the nineteenth-century religious nurses in Australia, Britain and North America that discussed their impact on the professional formation of nursing. This study was published as ‘Say little do much: nurses, nuns and hospitals in the nineteenth century’, University of Pennsylvania Press (2001). In 1998 she established the Australian Nursing History Project, a national project to bring nursing history to the attention of the public, to conserve historical resources and to provide information to school students on nurses and on their contribution to Australian history. In September 2001 she was appointed Rosenstadt Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto during which time she became well known in our community. She is currently working on a general history of nursing, and an examination of virtue ethics in the professions.

Professor Nelson has served as the Chair of the Australian National Working Party, Council of Deans and Midwifery, on national government policy changes in research funding models and preparing professional responses to national government policy. She is the Convener of the Nursing Policy Research Program at the University of Melbourne, International Nursing History Network and was Convener for the statewide symposium “Practice Boundaries: Nursing workforce, practice and staffing issues” and “Re-Engineering the Clinical Workforce: A Generic Solution to the Nursing Shortage?” She is the Chair of the Australian Nursing History Project. As an academic administrator at the University of Melbourne, she has promoted the School’s international links.

Professor Nelson has a unique background and experience to provide leadership to the Faculty of Nursing and to help the University further advance its efforts.